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    How can we avoid accidents?

    While some things are simply out of our control (weather, etc), there are surely steps that drivers can take to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Some of these steps include:
    Keep your distance
    Keep the Distractions Away
    Don’t Drive Under the Influence or Tired
    4. Get Enrolled
    Reduce Speed for Appropriate Conditions


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    What Is MVA ?

    A motor vehicle accident can also be termed “car accident” or “traffic collision.” While some motor vehicle accidents are caused due to collision with another vehicle, that is not always the case. A motor vehicle accident is the event in which a motor vehicle is involved in a collision amongst another motor vehicle, pedestrian, animal, or stationary object. Motor vehicle accidents can result in ranging severity of physical damage to the vehicle and bodily injuries of those involved.

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    Firefighters At A Car Accident Scene


    What do you do after a car accident?

    If you have injuries, the most important thing to do after a car accident is to seek medical attention. Unless you need to be transported to the emergency room immediately, you should stay at the scene to get the contact and insurance information of the other drivers involved. You also should get the contact information of any witnesses to the accident, who can help support your claim. If you have a phone with a camera, you should take photos of various parts of the accident scene

    How long do you have to report a car accident to your insurance?

    The terms of your policy will determine how long you have to report a car accident to your insurance provider. You should make sure to be familiar with the terms so that you report the accident as required. Failing to report an accident as required by the terms of the policy likely will allow the insurer to deny coverage later, even if your claim is otherwise legitimate.

    Do you have to call the police after a minor car accident?

    In some states, you do not have to call the police after a minor car accident that did not result in injuries. Other states do not require drivers to call the police after a car accident that resulted in neither injuries nor property damage above a certain threshold of value. However, you may want to call the police even if you do not technically need to contact them. They will put together a police report that can be helpful when you file an insurance claim.

    How do you know who was at fault for a car accident?

    Finding out who was at fault for a car accident usually requires a detailed investigation. Driver error is the most common cause of car accidents, although other parties also may bear some of the fault, such as manufacturers, the employers of drivers, government agencies, and property owners. An investigation will look into any traffic violations or evidence of carelessness by a driver, as well as any defects in a vehicle and the layout of the accident scene.

    What if I was partly at fault for an accident?

    If you were partly at fault for an accident, your damages award may be reduced according to your percentage of responsibility for causing it. For example, if the other driver was 60 percent at fault, and you were 40 percent at fault, you would be able to recover 60 percent of your damages. Some states have cutoffs around 50 or 51 percent. If the accident victim’s fault is at or above that percentage, they cannot recover any damages in those states. Also, four states and the District of Columbia do not allow an accident victim to recover any damages if they bore any of the fault for the accident.

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